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There are two ranking systems in Counter-Strike 2. One is pretty much traditional for the game series: CS2 Ranks from Silver to Global Elite, available in classic Competitive mode. And another system is new, named Counter-Strike Rating. To climb this ladder, you need to play Premier mode matches.

In general, this division is progress in comparison to CS:GO. Now, dedicated players have extra motivation to grind and get better at the game. Premier CS2 Rating is clear to follow, as we know how many points are needed to reach specific Ratings and even how many of them an individual match can give you.

In this guide on DMarket Blog, we explain everything important about the CS2 ranks and rating system. Here you’ll find practical tips on how to improve your Competitive rank and Premier Rating. Let’s go!

How to Get Your First Rank in CS2

Both types of ranking systems in Counter-Strike 2 require players to complete 10 placement matches. Depending on your performance and results, you will get your first CS2 Rank in Competitive mode and your first Counter-Strike Rating in Premier mode.

What Are CS2 Ranks?

If you play Competitive mode in Counter-Strike 2, you earn better CS2 ranks or go down that ladder, depending on your actual performance.

This classic ranking system has a new feature — ranks are closely connected to the map you play on.

Say you want to focus on Inferno for a while, learn this map, and get your rank here. But then, you decide to expand your personal active pool and start practicing on Dust II. Your Inferno rank will not be transferred here, and the process of developing skills comes hand in hand with building up to your Dust II rank.

CS2 Ranks are a very practical tool. Thanks to ranking, competitive matchmaking is fair and exciting. Players get teammates and opponents of relatively the same level, so everyone has fun and a good premise for effective practice.

Sure, most Counter-Strike players take their ranks very seriously. As a result, that small badge near your nickname becomes filled with emotions. CS2 Ranks combine a practical tool for matchmaking and a competitive measurement to intensify emotions and motivation.

It is easy to unlock Competitive mode in CS2 by playing other types of matches and getting XP there. 10 placement matches are needed to earn your first CS2 Rank.

All CS2 Ranks in Competitive Mode

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Every Competitive Rank in CS2 copies one from CS:GO. It’s pretty convenient to have this tradition kept in different installments of the game. For new players, CS2 Ranks are quite logical too.There are 18 Ranks in Counter-Strike 2. They are divided into four categories: Silver, Gold Nova, Master Guardian, and Top Four: Legendary Eagle – Global Elite.

Here is a list of all CS2 Ranks in Competitive mode:

Silver 1

It’s the lowest level in the CS2 ranking system. Having it means you have a long way ahead—improving your skills and even simply learning the game. Some more dedication to the competitive mode would be really helpful.

Silver 2

Players here may have a good idea of what brings success in Counter-Strike. Still, they lack consistency in practice and probably don’t concentrate on the process. Silver 2 is a pretty low rank that should motivate you to practice regularly.

Silver 3

However low this CS2 rank may seem, Silver 3 players already demonstrate some potential—specifically in their skills. But like with the lower ranks, motivation may be a problem here. Bursts of good moments are mixed with disastrous mistakes, and this inconsistency may prevent you from further progress.

Silver 4

It’s a solid rank for many casual players. You jump into Counter-Strike matches to have fun, you know the basic mechanics pretty well, but you are still reluctant to advance to learning spray patterns, movement training, or improving other fine skills.

Silver Elite

While essential CS2 skills are certainly present here, players of the Silver Elite rank are more likely casual lonely wolves. They know how to play, and they may practice regular and considered training. But team coordination, including economy and round strategies, is rather lacking.

Silver Elite Master

CS2 players of this rank know the game well and usually play regularly to keep their skills at a decent level. Various aspects, such as aim, movements over the map, and proper positioning during rounds, are nicely covered. As individual competitors, Silver Elite Masters are totally great. But team strategies can be improved—even at a theoretical level. You may want to deepen your knowledge of the economy, various approaches to reaching round goals, and how to effectively coordinate your actions with teammates.

Gold Nova 1

Starting from the first Gold Nova rank, we generally have well-motivated players, with good training schedules, and a solid understanding of various team mechanics in CS2. While personal skills are good, they certainly could be better—your potential as a player is impressive, and you may want to get some guidance. Teamplay is the main area for improvement.

Gold Nova 2

Many talented players have this rank, and they demonstrate impressive skills in Counter-Strike 2 matches. While landing on Gold Nova 2 is a good sign and proves your progress, it’s dangerous to just enjoy this achievement. Team tactics should be your main focus—maybe with regular teammates, even if it’s just one friend. Focus not on your current success but on future prospects to keep growing within the CS2 ranking system.

Gold Nova 3

Regular practice and great knowledge of teamplay describe most players with the Gold Nova 3 rank. The effort has paid off, as reaching so far is great for most gamers. But the way ahead is even harder, and even more effort is needed to succeed. Consider improving the quality of your training, not the quantity of hours. You need to dive into advanced mechanics, as well as know the basics.

Gold Nova Master

If you have this rank, you sure can be proud of yourself. Gold Nova Master players are certainly good at CS2—way beyond just a casual visitor of official matchmaking. Individual skills are here. Teamplay is on a decent level. But as for advanced mechanics, they are most likely theoretical and need to be converted into practical habits. Regular teammates, a coach, and observation of pro matches should be added to your training routine.

Master Guardian 1

All the basics are covered for the CS2 rank Master Guardian 1. The advanced mechanics are well known, and the players regularly practice them: team coordination, tricky shooting, proper positioning, map rotation in the middle of a round, etc. Still, this advanced area requires improvements. Focus on them to become an even better Counter-Strike player!

Master Guardian 2

There is no need to worry about basic skills for Master Guardian 2 players—without them, you wouldn’t have reached this far. Not only is advanced practice on the right track, but it also brings very good results. One thing can boost you even further in the CS2 ranks, though: a creative approach to various aspects. Try to find your own game and a style for your team. Be unpredictable and innovative.

Master Guardian Elite

We may still have amateur players here, but the success of reaching Master Guardian Elite is impressive. If you are in this CS2 rank, why not start considering the professional scene—at least on the local, regional level? Your further progress still depends on relevant training and the level of your teammates.

Distinguished Master Guardian

Some of the best CS2 players in the gaming community reach this rank. Every skill aspect is covered, from personal shooting to advanced team strategies. Moving further is even harder now—the pro level is ahead. Would you be satisfied with being a Distinguished Master Guardian?

Legendary Eagle

Regular training in advanced mechanics is required to reach the CS2 Legendary Eagle rank. Not only do such players understand the game very well, but they also feel it on an intuitive level. A talent for Counter-Strike should be here as well as some help from other gifted and experienced personalities.

Legendary Eagle Master

These players deserve admiration, and they can teach others how to play CS2 at an advanced level. Not many competitors can reach these heights. And not many Legendary Eagle Masters have enough inner power to move further.

Supreme Master First Class

Skill levels or practice patterns are not crucial factors for players in the highest CS2 ranks. Luck and help from pros in the community are more important for making it to Supreme Master First Class and further. The players here can become professionals—with some support or maybe a proper boosting kick.

Global Elite

It’s the max level any CS2 player can reach. Only a super small percentage of competitors are here. They are uncompromisingly serious in their training, talented in the game, and have enough lucky circ*mstances to be among the Global Elite. Congratulations!

What Are CS2 Premier Ranks?

CS2 Premier ranks have been introduced in Counter-Strike 2, and it’s more in tune with modern standards of matchmaking in shooting games. CS Rating is based on the Elo system, with a clear number of points available in matches and a point-based ladder of ratings.

Counter-Strike Rating is exclusive to Premier mode matches, which require purchasing Prime Status. Before you can start playing it, you need to prove yourself in other modes (which is not really complicated, just a simple formality). Then, you need to complete 10 placement matches to get your first CS Rating. It can be up to 40,000.

CS2 premier ranks system has seven groups, each with a specific number of Elo points. The groups can be distinguished by their icon colors. Steps between the groups are 5,000 points.

CS2 Ranks and Rating System Advanced Guide (2024) | DMarket | Blog (2)
  • Gray — < 4,999;
  • Light Blue — 5,000 – 9,999;
  • Blue — 10,000 – 14,999;
  • Purple — 15,000 – 19,999;
  • Pink — 20,000 – 24,999;
  • Red — 25,000 – 29,999;
  • Gold — 30,000+

Various factors cause the increase or decrease of this number, including wins or losses, your performance, and ratings of your opponents.

Like the competitive Ranks, CS Rating in the Premier mode is tied to maps. The process of choosing maps copies the esports tradition of teams banning locations they don’t want to play on.

It’s again a practical tool to match players of the same level. Being exclusive to Prime Status players, Premier mode theoretically brings a better experience—only dedicated players are here.

The Difference Between CS:GO and CS2 Ranking Systems

It will be interesting to summarize all the differences between ranking systems in CS:GO and CS2.

  • CS2 has two types of ranks: classic Competitive mode and new Counter-Strike Rating in Premier mode. CS:GO just had classic.
  • CS2 Ranks and CS Rating are locked to maps. CS:GO Ranks were maintained on all the maps.
  • CS2 Premier Rating System is transparent for players to see how many points they have, how many they can earn in a match, and how many they need to get a better CS Rating. The processes behind CS:GO Ranks were obscure.

CS2 Premier Ranks to CS:GO Ranks

In general, these two ranking systems are different and can’t be compared. Still, the Counter-Strike community tries to make sense of the new Premier Rating by making references to the classic ranks.

CS2 Ranks and Rating System Advanced Guide (2024) | DMarket | Blog (3)

If you play Counter-Strike a lot, this chart may help you understand CS Rating better. Otherwise, take it with a grain of salt, it’s not an official division by any means.

In a special article on DMarket Blog, we highlight CS2 rank distribution. Check it out to know the percentages of active players in each rank.

Tips to Rank Up in CS2

CS2 Ranks and Counter-Strike Rating are based on your performance in the game. Play better and you will get better ranks.

CS2 Ranks and Rating System Advanced Guide (2024) | DMarket | Blog (4)

Still, in terms of ranking, we can highlight a few quite helpful tips. Follow these pieces of advice if you are aiming at getting high ranks as soon as possible. So, how to rank up in CS2?

Start Playing with Warm-ups

Don’t jump directly to Competitive or Premier matches. Prepare yourself in Deathmatch, Casuals, or on special aim training maps.

Train Both Aim and Movement

It’s very important to understand recoil patterns for different weapons and perform accurate shooting with each of them. Quick and silent movement types should be used in different map areas and at appropriate moments. Pay proper attention to training these aspects.

Learn Maps

Counter-Strike requires good knowledge of passageways, hidden spots, views over walls, all sorts of objects on the maps, and literally, every single aspect of game locations. Thoroughly learn them, plus map callouts, to be a good CS2 player.

Practice Grenade Throws and Smoke Spots

You need to know where smoke will cover your movement to be safe from sniper shots. Molotov creates fire to block ways for opponents. Flashbang is thrown before entering dangerous areas, such as bombsites. Grenades are an integral part of CS2 play, and you need to master them.

Play with Regular Teammates

It’s the most effective way to improve your rank in Counter-Strike 2. It’s the only possible way to reach high rankings and keep this status. Be part of a team, train together, divide team roles, and probably get a coach.

Watch CS2 esports

First, you may be confused and even disheartened by the amazing levels of pro players. But watch tournaments regularly, and you will start to distinguish interesting tricks in individual and team plays. Absorb them and try to bring them to your matches.

Getting a lower CS2 rank or CS rating is nothing if you still have learned something from that match. Your way to the top may have ups and downs, but consistency in your aspiration matters the most. Learn from your mistakes, get better at every aspect—and high rank/rating will be a reflection of your progress. To improve general performance in the game read our post about launch options in CS2.

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CS2 Ranks and Rating System Advanced Guide (2024) | DMarket | Blog (2024)
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