CS2 Ranking System And Ranks | An Ultimate Guide (2024)

byJohn Uke Last update: July 2, 2024

CS2 Ranking System And Ranks | An Ultimate Guide (1)

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  • CS2 has 6 tiers with 18 ranks overall, from Silver to Global Elite.
  • To get your first rank, you need to play 10 calibration matches.
  • The rank is influenced by many factors: aim skills, map knowledge, teamwork, and communication.
  • The CS2 Premier Ranking system features seasonal, regional, and global leaderboards.
  • To enable the Premier Mode, you need to purchase Prime status on Steam and reach level 10.

Counter-Strike 2, like other popular eSports games, has a ranking system that has been changed compared to CS:GO competitive ranks. There are now two ranking systems in CS2. One of them is CS, which is familiar to all players, where we have ranks from Silver to Global Elite in the classic Competitive mode. The other system is a new one called Counter-Strike Rating, and to climb this rating ladder, you need to play matches in Premier mode. I know it can be a little confusing, so I’ve prepared a guide to the CS2 ranking system and ranks in particular.

What Are The CS2 Ranks And How Do They Work?

CS2 ranks aren’t just about bragging rights – they’re vital for fair matchmaking. With 18 ranks spread across six tiers, from Silver I to Global Elite, CS2 accommodates players of all skill levels. Unlike CS:GO competitive ranks, CS2 uses a map-based ranking system. This means your rank can vary depending on the map. While it may seem tricky, it’s smart because it lets you practice on every map without worrying about facing pro gamers. So, how do you climb the ladder? Ranks reflect your skills in positioning, aim, map knowledge, and more. Mastering these skills and understanding the CS2 ranking system is key to competitive success.

CS2 Skill Groups And Tires

CS2 competitive ranks are the same as those in CS:GO; thus, experienced players will be familiar with them. However, even among new players, there were no great difficulties in understanding the ranks. As I noted above, there are 18 ranks in Counter-Strike 2 and four big categories: Silver, Gold Ring, Master Guardian, and Legendary. Here is the full CS2 ranks list:

  1. Silver 1
  2. Silver 2
  3. Silver 3
  4. Silver 4
  5. Silver Elite
  6. Silver Elite Master
  7. Gold Nova 1
  8. Gold Nova 2
  9. Gold Nova 3
  10. Gold Nova Master
  11. Master Guardian 1
  12. Master Guardian 2
  13. Master Guardian Elite
  14. Distinguished Master Guardian
  15. Legendary Eagle
  16. Legendary Eagle Master
  17. Supreme Master First Class
  18. Global Elite
CS2 Ranking System And Ranks | An Ultimate Guide (2)


This is the lowest level in the CS2 rank system. Players who fall into this rank are more likely to be newbies or completely casual players who enter CS2 mainly for the occasional fun. In order for a player to grow in ranks, in addition to the ability to shoot accurately, they will have to master a number of essential things in the game:

  • Understand the CS2 economic system and use it correctly with your team;
  • Know the maps and places where you need to use grenades or smoke;
  • Know the names of places on the map and inform the team in time about the enemy’s movements;
  • Understand how each weapon’s spray works and train it in the same way as the aim.

Only after this, as well as regular play with friends, will you have a chance to break out of the Silver and begin to show more effective play.

CS2 Team Finder

Gold Nova

This CS2 rank includes amateurs who regularly play this game but do not pay much attention to systematic skill development. If such players find themselves in matches with silver randoms, they can pull the entire round. These are seasoned players who still have a lot to learn.

Master Guardian

These are experienced players who have spent thousands of hours in the game. Only skillful and dedicated players can reach this CS2 rating scale. These players shoot well, know maps, timings for enemy players’ appearance, smokes, etc., and also show good team play and smoothly move up the ranks.


Legendary Eagle to Legendary Eagle Master are ranks associated with an above-average competitive level. Players at these ranks usually care a lot about their statistics and match results and can be very dissatisfied, to put it mildly, if you do not play at the proper level in a match with such players. And if you made it to the Global Elite, congratulations. You are at the top of the CS2 rankings, and maybe you should try yourself in professional esports!

How To Get Ranked In CS2?

Both types of CS2 ranking systems require players to play 10 qualifying matches. Depending on your performance, you will receive your starting rank in Competitive mode and your first Counter-Strike rank in Premier mode.

CS2 Rank Distribution

The general picture of the rank distribution in CS2 competitive mode and without division into maps looks like this:

Silver 13.8%
Silver 24.23%
Silver 34.37%
Silver 45.21%
Silver Elite6.44%
Silver Elite Master7.78%
Gold Nova 18.76%
Gold Nova 28.79%
Gold Nova 39.05%
Gold Nova Master8.08%
Master Guardian 17.55%
Master Guardian 26.61%
Master Guardian Elite5.24%
Distinguished Master Guardian4.15%
Legendary Eagle3.25%
Legendary Eagle Master3.2%
Supreme Master First Class2.64%
Global Elite0.75%

Exact numbers may vary, as competitive activity in the CS2 community is very dynamic. But overall, these percentages remain approximately the same.

What Is CS2 Premier Ranking System And How Does It Work?

The new ranking system in CS2 is called CS Rating. It operates in Premier Mode and is based on you earning points in matches.

This ranking system is more in line with modern competitive matchmaking standards and is based on the Elo rating. It has a clear number of points that can be earned and a point-based ranking ladder. The CS2 Premier Ranking system also features seasonal, regional, and global leaderboards to motivate players to improve and continually train.

CS2 Premier Mode Availability

For the Premier Mode to become available, you need to purchase Prime status through a one-time payment to Steam and reach level 10. The Premier Mode unlocks a variety of game modes, including the main competitive mode and competitive tasks. It should also be noted that users with Prime status are matched with other Prime players. This is a very wise decision because it separates casual players from enthusiastic and interested ones since Counter-Strike 2 is distributed according to the free-to-play model. Prime players can also receive souvenirs, items, and weapon cases exclusive to Prime status.

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The Difference Between CS:GO And CS2 Ranking Systems

There are not many changes in the CS2 ranking system compared to CS:GO, but they are significant. I have decided to present them in the form of a table below for your convenience.

Counter-Strike 2Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Two types of ranks: Classic Competitive and the new CS2 Premier Rating in Premier modeOnly Classic Competitive ranking
CS2 Ranks and CS Rating system are linked to maps separatelyRanks are tied to all maps
The CS2 Premier ranks are transparent to players: they see how many points they have, how much they can earn per match, and how much they need to achieve the next CS rankingThe processes behind CS:GO ranks were unclear to players

CS2 Premier Ranks To CS:GO Ranks

CS2 Premier rating is divided into 7 categories and visually highlighted in separate colors for greater convenience. Below, you will find details on how to convert CS2 rating to CS:GO rank equivalent.

Rating (MMR)ColorCS:GO Rank Equivalent
0 – 4999GreySilver – Gold Nova
5000 – 9999Light BlueGold Nova – Master Guardian
10000 – 14999BlueMaster Guardian – Legendary Eagle
15000 – 19999PurpleLegendary Eagle – Supreme Master First Class
20000 – 24999PinkSupreme Master First Class – Global Elite
25000 – 29999RedUpper Global Elite
30000+YellowThe highest-ranked Global Elite players

How CS2 Matchmaking Works?

When searching for a match, you’ll be paired with players within a 5-rank range of yours. If not, you’ll need to gather a team of 5. The GameTree app would be a perfect place to seek for 4 other players of a similar CS:GO 2 rank if you don’t have a team yet.

After the system has selected players for you, map selection begins, which also has changes in Premier mode.

Premier Mode in CS2 will not allow players to queue for a specific map, and they will have to go through the map selection and banning phase before starting a match. The first team must ban two cards, and the second bans three. Once five cards are banned, the first team will only have to choose two cards, a side, and start the match.


Tips For Ranking Up In CS2

I’ve been a fan of Counter-Strike for many years, and I’ve often met players who don’t fully understand the CS2 rating system. Because their rank did not increase and they were constantly matched with weak players, they obviously got irritated and did not want to play anymore. I have some tips if you don’t know how to quickly improve your rank.

  • Train aim and spray control If you want to improve your aim, you should take part in aiming training on specially designed maps. In addition, participating in headshot-only or free-for-all matches will help. Don’t forget that each weapon has its own bullet recoil pattern, so it’s important to study various videos of how this mechanic works and regularly practice spray control.
  • Emphasize teamwork and communication – CS2 is primarily a team game, and effective communication is essential to success. Sharing information about the enemy and coordinating strategies and actions become important elements that significantly increase the chances of winning matches and improving the CS2 ranking. You can organize effective communication and teamwork through GameTree features, such as in-built voice chat you can join with one single tap and group chats for teammates.
  • Learn all maps thoroughly It is important to know the maps well, as well as the names of all the key points on them, the timing of enemies’ appearance, and the best shooting places.
  • Watch professional matches to learn tactics/positioning – This will help you understand the tactics used by professionals. It’s also worth taking the time to study tutorials, analyze the strategies of expert players and teams, and try to apply them in your games.
  • Analyze mistakes and identify areas to improve – It’s worth taking time to analyze your own and other teammates’ mistakes. You can also watch recordings of your games to better understand what went wrong and what you need to improve or do differently in matches. If you are serious about moving up the ranks and achieving success, you can also discuss this with other team members during calls in GameTree.
  • Practice utility usage – Learning how to properly use the utilities in CS2 is essential. At the lowest CS2 ranks, many players do not buy grenades and smoke at all, and this is a big mistake. A correctly thrown Molotov can burn half a team, and a popflash can get you a free kill. If you have money, always buy useful things. Also, don’t forget the age-old proverb: don’t be a loser; buy a defuser.
CS2 Ranking System And Ranks | An Ultimate Guide (4)

Looking For CS2 Teammates? Try GameTree

One of the keys to improving your CS2 rankings is playing frequently with other engaged players who don’t quit the session after a couple of seconds. In the GameTree application, you can meet teammates interested in leveling up and wanting to play and have fun together. Our AI-based matchmaking algorithm matches you with potential teammates based on your gaming experience, preferences, playing style, and other characteristics. Having found a suitable fellow player, you can write to them in two clicks, send them an invitation to join the game, and add them to the voice chat. Assembling your dream team to play CS2 couldn’t be easier with GameTree!

Final Thoughts

The developers not only changed the engine and updated the graphics but also made global changes to the CS2 ranking system and generally brought the game up to modern standards. The game has no intention of losing popularity and relevance among both amateur and esports players. It is still one of the main first-person shooters on the planet and one of my favorite online games so far! In this article, I talked in detail about the current CS2 ranks, and I hope that this information will be relevant to you. See you on the maps!

And in the meantime you can check our other article where we compared Valorant and CS2, I belive you’ll enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does CS2 Rank Work?



The CS2 ranking system is determined by the player's skill level and their win-loss rating. The Matchmaking Rating (MMR) increases with victories and decreases with defeats, which directly affects your rank.

What Is CS2 Rank Per Map?



CS2 uses a map-based ranking system. This means that the CS2 rank obtained on one map is not transferred to the rest.

Can You Get A Rank In CS2 Without Prime?



No. Competitive Skill Groups and Counter-Strike Ratings are available only to users with Prime status.

CS2 Ranking System And Ranks | An Ultimate Guide (2024)
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