Crist CDL Training Review - CDL (2024)

Crist CDL is a free online resource that helps drivers prepare for the CDL written test.

The site features several practice tests with questions and answers for various topics, including: passenger, general knowledge, tanker, air brakes, hazardous material (HazMat), combination, school bus, and doubles and triples.

If you’re studying for the written CDL exam, you may be wondering if it’s worth your time to use Crist CDL. The answer is: yes.

Let’s take a closer look at what Crist has to offer with its online learning center.

Crist CDL Training Center

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Crist CDL has gone the extra mile to help drivers fully prepare for the CDL test.

Altogether, the practice tests contain over 410 questions that may or may not appear on your exam.

Those questions are all broken down into several different tests, so drivers should sit down and take every one of them.

There’s a CDL practice test for just about every category, and there’s more than one test for each one.

Categories and number of tests include:

  • Air brakes (3): Focuses strictly on the braking system used on heavy vehicles. This test will inform you on lack of air pressure in the lines (brake lag distance), perception distance and reaction distance.
  • General knowledge (10): This test covers all of the other test, but with very little detail. It touches briefly on each of the other categories and is intended only to give you a basic idea of the type of vehicle you will be driving, the rules you have to follow, and how to react in different situations.
  • Hazardous material (4): The HazMat test focuses on questions related to the Hazardous Materials endorsem*nt. The Crist CDL HazMat practice test is broken down into four different parts.
  • Passenger (7): Prepares you for the Passenger endorsem*nt, and is associated with the Class B vehicle. Questions are related to how to behave as a bus driver, rules, regulations and laws.
  • School bus (5): Prepares you for the School Bus endorsem*nt test, and covers questions related to behavior as a driver and the rules that go along with being a school bus driver.
  • Tanker (2): This endorsem*nt will allow you to haul liquids, and can be especially beneficial when combined with the HazMat endorsem*nt.
  • Combination (4): Associated with the Class A vehicle. This is an endorsem*nt that will allow you to pull a single trailer. The questions on this test will prepare your for obtaining this endorsem*nt.
  • Doubles and triples (3): This is an endorsem*nt that is similar to combination, and will allow you to pull a trailer. The primary difference here is that this endorsem*nt will allow you to pull two or three trailers, rather than just a single one.

With so many test variations and questions, the Crist CDL training center is sure to prepare you for the exam.

Where Does Crist Get its Questions for the CDL Practice Test?

One of the first (and most important) questions you might have about these practice tests is whether or not the questions are legitimate.

The Federal Government created and distributed the guidelines for the CDL program, and States create their tests based on these guidelines. Crist CDL also uses these guidelines to create their practice questions and tests.

In many cases, the tests you find in the online training center are very similar to the ones you’ll find on your State test.

Some states have chosen to follow the “true/false” testing format, while others use multiple choice. Regardless of the test format, the guidelines remain the same and are all based on the ones outlined by the Federal Government.

Why Take the Crist CDL Test?

Most truck driving schools provide their students with a CDL study guide. Why bother with Crist CDL practice tests?

Better Prepare You for the Exam

For starters, it will help you prepare for the written exam. If you’re serious about obtaining your CDL, it’s important to study and thoroughly prepare for the test. Crist CDL can help you do that.

A study guide is great, but most do not include practice tests. The questions on the test will help you get acquainted with the State exam, so you know what to expect when testing day finally arrives.

They’re Free!

I think the real question is: why not use Crist CDL’s practice tests? They’re absolutely free, and based on the same guidelines created by the Federal Government for the CDL program.

These practice tests should be just one more tool in your arsenal to help you pass the exam and get out on the road as soon as possible.

Crist CDL Used to Run a School

Although it’s closed now, Crist CDL ran a training center for eight years and helped many drivers start their careers. They know and understand what it takes to obtain a CDL license, and they’ve been helping drivers achieve their dreams for many years.

The company is based in Ohio, so the questions on the practice tests are derived from Ohio’s exams. However, because the guidelines were created by the Federal Government, all questions will be similar to the ones you will be asked on your State’s exam.

Crist CDL also offers training programs for companies that are looking to hire drivers and train them themselves. The instructors from the former Crist CDL school will come to the company’s place of business and thoroughly train students through an intensive training course.

Clearly, the staff at Crist CDL know what they’re doing, and have been in the business for a long time. Per, Crist’s program is among the Top 2 CDL training programs. If they have been able to help other drivers obtain their CDL license, they can help you, too.

The Crist CDL training center is free, easy to use and a great resource for drivers who are preparing for the written CDL exam. With accurate practice tests, you’ll know what to expect on testing day. And if you get a question wrong, the correct answer will be revealed, so you can go back and research the topic to gain a better understanding of the concepts.

Crist CDL Training Review - CDL (2024)
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