Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (2024)

The perfect aim in Counter-Strike 2 is crucial. But, many players need help finding the best solution. If you are in a similar situation, why not copy the crosshair settings from a professional you follow or like?

In this article, we'll explain how to customize your crosshair and leave you with the preferences of some of the world's best CS2 pros.

CS2 recently underwent an update, and there was an alert on X about it.


  • General information on how to adjust the crosshairs
  • Crosshair codes of professional players in CS2

General Information About Crosshairs

Crosshairs are essential for precise aiming and can significantly impact gameplay. With so many customization options, finding the perfect crosshair to suit your playing style is crucial.

There are three main types of crosshairs in CS2:

  • Dynamic crosshair adapts and responds to shooting movements and actions by widening or narrowing. This setting is recommended in one case: if you are a beginner or a player who only plans to devote up to a couple of hours a week to the game. In this case, you don't have to learn the spray patterns of weapons; this option will significantly help you.
  • Static crosshair - it remains unchanged and does not change during the game.
  • Hybrid crosshair - combines static and dynamic elements.

There are six styles of crosshairs available in the game (from Style 0 to Style 5). Style 4 is the most popular among professional players due to its balance between visibility and accuracy.

Bright green, pink, and yellow are the preferred crosshair colors for professional players. These colors improve visibility on different backgrounds. However, the compact blue crosshair has gained remarkable popularity due to its unique color and minimalistic design.

How to Change the Appearance of Crosshairs

The crosshair settings have their separate tab. To open it, click on the gear in the menu's upper left corner, select the "Game" tab, and then go to the "Crosshair" sub-tab.

Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (1)

You can customize the crosshair on this tab and through the console (but this is a rather old method).

But if you want to copy the settings of someone else's crosshair, the best way is to use a function like "Сrosshair Сode".

This box has a "Share/Import" button next to the crosshair preview. When you click the "Сopy Сode" button, a code will appear in the box that can be sent to another player. You can also paste someone else's code into the box and click "Import," after which the settings will be changed.

Pro CS2 Player Crosshairs Settings


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (2)

Crosshair code: CSGO-24JmN-TMFyF-dqavU-3JAkA-CW9vO

Ukrainian esportsman Alexander s1mple Kostylev was recognized as the best player in the game's history 21 times - this is an absolute record!

We have an entertaining article: All MVP Majors in Counter-Strike History.


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (3)

Crosshair code: CSGO-BxYA4-u8xrB-voGTj-t6Jyr-ruWPA

Zyw0o is a French professional CS2 player who plays for Vitality as a sniper. His crosshair is particularly well suited for AWP users transitioning to rifles, offering a combination of accuracy and adaptability.


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (4)

Crosshair code: CSGO-s5Qbj-nvF89-cJjDd-mRdSG-5Yt4N

Ilya Osipov is one of G2 Esports' cybersport pros. He uses a small dot crosshair to remain versatile in his gear and strive for accuracy at various distances. However, the player also occasionally uses a yellow crosshair.

We recently published news about Ilya related to BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2024. You can read it here: Update On m0NESY BLAST Situation.

Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (5)

Crosshair code: CSGO-tFzAW-ZFVFV-RGKNs-BetCE-ZB3YP


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (6)

Crosshair code: CSGO-jZEM9-7LFM5-VEqXb-Gh73i-3oAQL

Crosshair code (white): CSGO-RXWhp-4Xa8Z-mBZZU-yA5mE-bkMHA

Crosshair code (blue): CSGO-PaeBi-PSW38-fj2sY-ZvyEc-NCmDA

NiKo started his career in CS 1.6 and currently plays in G2 Esports. The compact size of the crosshair provides decent accuracy and allows you to pay attention to the slightest movements of the enemy.


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (7)

Crosshair code: CSGO-LG5aR-u3qCV-rarKd-tSPBf-ZbJaA

Dev1ce is widely recognized for his exceptional AWP skills in Counter-Strike history and is an integral member of Astralis. He uses a variety of crosshairs, all of which have distinct colors and outlines, significantly improving visibility on various backgrounds, both dark and light.


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (8)

Crosshair code: CSGO-t6h2T-UZ2KR-ODLXc-sh8PF-pEUSH

Crosshair code (white): CSGO-LdXHk-hatWX-JjEa8-tuLDN-5tbJD

Crosshair code (yellow): CSGO-EoxhP-kJfGB-5PZVM-hD8YX-MDr7C

If you have never heard of donk, read our article Who is Donk? Player Career and His Settings in CS2. The player uses the same shape but different color crosshairs.


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (9)

Crosshair code: CSGO-Tq4Pn-y8koA-2Xy3w-fKmr3-HpCxH

Stewie2k, a well-known CS2 streamer, prefers using a more giant, more prominent white crosshair.


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (10)

Crosshair code: CSGO-MMQuh-Hs3Sj-Qv9zd-VaCmc-3QqNO

Ropz is an Estonian CS2 player. His professional CS2 crosshairs are generally well-aligned and compact. This customization's sole purpose is to ensure you don't miss the enemy's head and kill him instantly. Green is also one of the best options for making the crosshair visible on various surfaces.


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (11)

Crosshair code: CSGO-oucDm-ooWYL-6TAv7-ufwU8-oSqNO

Olofmeister won everything he could in CS, got every individual achievement available, and spent his entire career on top teams. He uses a relatively large crosshair, the color of which is visible on almost all maps.


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (12)

Crosshair code: CSGO-erEE8-Hxekb-RjPud-SFZpG-2e7iL

This is the most unique customization on our list. Ax1Le, a young professional CS2 player from Cloud9, needs effective spray control in his medium and close-range duels, which led him to use this magnified version of the crosshair.

Some More Codes for Crosshairs


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (13)

Crosshair code: CSGO-h9akQ-n43R4-kWJRD-sGzWW-U9z6A


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (14)

Crosshair code: CSGO-CVN3f-b4o5k-5m9LT-45v9z-ZO88F


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (15)

Crosshair code: CSGO-24iAH-MrEyK-YGpap-q2TkS-vFmDA


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (16)

Crosshair code: CSGO-US8wR-VECem-xkyHs-Vz5CY-wwXsO


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (17)

Crosshair code: CSGO-zWRiZ-W5HP2-N4e2z-AVQTL-kj74E

Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (18)

Crosshair code: CSGO-QxRLD-Anvtr-XhAEz-mVy7a-WROpP


Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (19)

Crosshair code: CSGO-AXZCv-AS25R-ZVnXz-o5cBX-wHH8D


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Best CS2 Pro Crosshairs (Codes) 2024 (2024)
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